Your partner in precision mechanics, small and middle runs, calibers, tools.


The company PRECISION LIEGEOISE was founded in 1950. Since its inception, it is active in the field of precision mechanics. During the'70s, it extends its activity to runs production. Today the company, which has modern and large facilities, remains faithful to the field of fine mechanics, production of prototypes, unitary and runs production, fine mechanical assembly.

Sectors of activity

LPrecision Liégeoise’s customers are active in aeronautics, armaments, oil drilling, plasturgy, medical equipment, tires production, automobile production, the railway, cutting tools, ...

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance procedures ensure the traceability of the manufactured products.

The raw materials purchased are listed and checked when received. The main suppliers are subject to periodic audit. The overall unit computerization ensures the total production and management cycle monitoring from your quotation request to control and dispatch. A quality assurance process is made, ie, 100%, or batch, depending on customer requirements. Quality controls are being made during the manufacturing and on the finished products.

The procedure ensures maximum reliability on parts supplied.

This concern for quality is the reputation of Precision Liégeoise.