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Precision, stiff material, surface roughness, roundness, alignments, tight tolerances dimension chain… in precision machining, sooner or later, you’ll need grinding.

From its early years, the Precision Liégeoise acquired control of the plane and cylindrical grinding, shall maintain and improve this knowledge.


Les rectifieuses à votre service :
CYLINDRICAL GRINDING MACHINES Chuck Capacity Distance between centres Remarks
MSO cylindrical grinder 450 3800 broche ext.
WMW cylindrical grinder 450 2000 broche ext.-int.
TOS Cylindrical grinder 500 1000 broche ext.-int.
Jones&Shipman cylindrical grinder 350 1000 broche ext.-int.
Jones&Shipman cylindrical grinder 300 800 broche ext.-int.
2 Jones&Shipman grinder 150 300 broche ext.-int.
Hauser coordinates grinder X 900mm / Y 750mm / Z 600mm


SURFACE GRINDING MACHINES Length of magnetic plate Width of magnetic plate Clearance height
Aba plane grinder 1500 600 700
Rectifieuse plane Blom 700 300 350
3 Brown&Sharpe Surface grinders 300 400 150
Camut plane grinder 2000 700 600