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Special Fabrications

In addition to our main activities, you will find the following equipment and skills:

  • Deep drilling : from 1.5 mm up to 200mm diameter max length x 4m max, and running diameter of 1.6 mm to 700mm max x 3.5m max (x 2 if returned). All metals.
  • Stellitage : used for recharging and hardening of worn parts. Example: worn out and broken feed screws
  • Welding : used parts for repair (urgent cases ...) and the welded jointss


Slotters :
SLOTTERS Capacity (diameter) Slotting height
Frömag slotter 1000 500
Mortaiseuse Corea


Honing + chroming + back to required dimensions :
Honing diameter Honing Length
RMG hone 400 3500
Sunnen hone 80 100


ONA E.D.M. X 600 Y 400 Z 400
Pointeuse Hauser X 700 Y 500 Z 630 Lecture Digitale, diviseur
60 T hydraulic press
Foot column drills cone morse 3
Table column drill mandrel dia10 20,000 rpm
Deckel engraver table 400x400
Sic engraver 250 350 600 Par pointage