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Technical Sales

You will always find someone to listen to you. Generally, in a few moments, with well informed documents (a good plan, and detailed views if necessary), and some technical talk, we can tell you if Precision Liégeoise is up to the task.

If so, a written offer, which is derived from the initial feasibility study, is sent to you in the next few days.

Upon receipt of your order, you receive a confirmation that includes your manufacturing time. At this time, we strive to execute your order according to your requirements.

More than just a subcontractor, we want to work to achieve your goals, and your clients’ satisfaction.


Your contact:

Pierre Dumont
Sales Manager - info@precision.be

Précision Liégeoise S.A.
rue Désiré Janson 59
Tel. : +32 4 240 57 60
Fax : +32 4 248 11 79

E-mail: info@precision.be
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